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What does it mean when you dream about a revolt?

The person who dreams of revolt may not want to do what they are doing, be with whom they are associated, or go where they are expected to be going. The dreamer may also be revolting against facing issues within themselves.

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Watching Hugh F-W getting booted out of a Tesco was the high point of this otherwise revoltingly sanctimonious programme.
He 'could not read Candide because it was so revoltingly filthy, .
No doubt this will help those continentals decide whether to wear the sassy black turtleneck or the revoltingly skimpy men's bikini bathing suit.
Tootling around the national motorway network at the start of the school holidays, during a period of exceptionally hot weather, I was appalled by the sights that greeted me in motorway service areas ( grotesquely fat and horribly underdressed parents feeding fizzy pop, burgers, chips and sweets to their revoltingly obese children, many of whom looked like they might well burst before they got back on to the road.
The Constitution, the "instrument for the implementation" of the Declaration of Independence, is now revoltingly perverted into a tool for its denial.
Both Cervantes and Nabokov incorporate medieval romance conventions (damsel in tower, at mercy of revoltingly lascivious villain, hero appearing below) to a sophisticated thematic and narrative effect.
He cannot be blame at all for the fact that the definitions produced by the machine were thoroughly and revoltingly tautological.
Going on to list all the mother's qualities (pious, superstitious, revoltingly prudish), Saint-Ange exclaims, "Ah, my dear, how I hate virtuous women
Even Bush's abuses are frauds--not the abuses themselves, of course, which are all too revoltingly real, but the ends in whose name they are carried out.
He'llbe making some new observations and singing some new songs to add his already revoltingly hilarious repertoire including Slag, a charming Ode to his cheating girlfriend.
One woman may say in the abstract "having sex with a husband if he is having an affair is revoltingly dirty", and later sympathize with "don't be so upset about [your husband's] affair; it's only his penis".