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What does it mean when you dream about a revolt?

The person who dreams of revolt may not want to do what they are doing, be with whom they are associated, or go where they are expected to be going. The dreamer may also be revolting against facing issues within themselves.

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That declaration, after depriving the man of his rank and his pension, jailing him, piling prosecution upon prosecution on him, persecuting his family (including the aged grandmother of his son-in-law) and refusing all requests to give him a pardon, cannot but sound revoltingly hypocritical.
To be fair, some of Mitchell's aggressive personality can be explained by the fact Mitchell had to face a truly monstrous degree of sexism in a revoltingly macho art world.
Other characters, such as Chester, Cornelius, or Gentleman Brown, drop all pretence to honor and express their egoism or malice more or less nakedly and revoltingly. The contrast is equally stark when Jim, hospitalized in "an Eastern port," meets many "men of his calling," the "majority" of whom "loved short passages, good deck-chairs, large native crews, and the distinction of being white" and in whom "could be detected the soft spot, the place of decay, the determination to lounge safely through existence" (Lord 11-13).
23 crore, that the baleful consequences of the Supreme Court's ruling have appeared in such a revoltingly manner.
However, I swear that sometimes I want to be ugly too--even revoltingly ugly.
How revoltingly two-faced is the supposedly beautiful game which slams fans taking a step out of line, but brushes off violence from a player as none of its business.
Isaac is haunted by what has made him, but that is other and strange, and not some easy post-structuralist 'other within,' but something horribly, revoltingly other, the refusal of hospitality to the point of death, yet to which your own birth is irredeemably conjoined.
He 'could not read Candide because it was so revoltingly filthy, ...
No doubt this will help those continentals decide whether to wear the sassy black turtleneck or the revoltingly skimpy men's bikini bathing suit.
Tootling around the national motorway network at the start of the school holidays, during a period of exceptionally hot weather, I was appalled by the sights that greeted me in motorway service areas ( grotesquely fat and horribly underdressed parents feeding fizzy pop, burgers, chips and sweets to their revoltingly obese children, many of whom looked like they might well burst before they got back on to the road.
Rather than securing the "unalienable right to Life and the Pursuit of Happiness," the Court is now shielding the butchers profiting in the bloody traffic of "choice." The Constitution, the "instrument for the implementation" of the Declaration of Independence, is now revoltingly perverted into a tool for its denial.
Both Cervantes and Nabokov incorporate medieval romance conventions (damsel in tower, at mercy of revoltingly lascivious villain, hero appearing below) to a sophisticated thematic and narrative effect.