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A rootlike structure, characteristic of many basidiomycetes, consisting of a mass of densely packed and intertwined hyphae.



a long, rope-like aggregation of intertwined fungal threads. Rhizomorphs promote the conduction of water and nutrient matter from the branched mycelium in the substrate to the fruiting bodies. They are characteristic of a number of Basidiomycetes, mainly of the Hymenomycetes group.

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Mature basidioma gray with violet tone up to 125 mm high attached to the substratum by well-developed mycelial base; Rhizomorphs off white.
For instance, if stucco descends into the soil, rhizomorphs can grow behind it.
With a paintbrush and a few gardening tools, De La Cruz spends hours digging around the foundation of a house, looking for rhizomorphs.
The internal structures of rhizomorphs emanating hyphae and cystidia were also observed and measured using micro meter and drawn with the help of Camera Lucida.
6 [micro]m thick), conspicuously clamped, smooth, of two types: 1) contents staining weakly in cotton blue, composing the cortical areas of rhizomorphs and all of the resupinate patches; and 2) contents staining strongly in cotton blue, limited to medullary portions of rhizomorphs.
Basal mar usually extensive, comprising two tissues: 1) superficial, tough-tomentose on subtratum surface, white, usually discretely bounded; and 2) amorphous within substratum, but with slender innate rhizomorphs, often extensively binding litter, white to cream-colored, unchanging when handled.
This can allow the fungus to form rhizomorphs that connect the soil to the wood, so that even after the sprinklers are shut off, the decay continues.
Rhizomorphs frequent, covering whole mycorrhizal system, connecting distinctly to mantle surface, forming hyphal fans, light honey brown in young ECM turning chocolate brown when gets older, branched frequently, flat in cross section, entangled to each other, difficult to separate.
4D-F): Rhizomorphs undifferentiated (Type B, Agerer 1987-2002); margins rather smooth, thick, hyphae compactly arranged and thickly interwoven which are very difficult to separate, cells upto 3.
Texture of system was finely grainy, host tissue not visible under the sheath; Rhizomorphs absent, Emanating hyphae absent (Fig.
Anatomical characteristics of emanating elements: Rhizomorphs absent.