rhus aromatica

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Fragrant bush up to 7ft tall, red hairy oily fruits, 3-leaf design, yellow flowers, red fuzzy berries. All parts edible and astringent. Fruit and leaves can be chewed for stomach ache, diabetes. Bark used for lung and urinary tract issues dysentery, diarrhea. Berries soaked in water makes lemonade, or mushed into porridge. Plant may irritate skin of some people.
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- Persistent soil seed banks were present beneath mother plants of both Rhus aromatica and R.
About 50% of the 165 seedlings of Rhus aromatica marked on 25 April 1996 were alive at the end of the first growing season in September.
- Seed density in the persistent soil seed bank beneath seven Rhus aromatica (n = 3) and three R.
The present article documented a correlation between recruitment mode and several life history traits in Rhus aromatica and R.
Since only one of the 900 Rhus aromatica seeds sown in the flats emerged in flats in the greenhouse during years 5-9 [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2A OMITTED], it is likely that no more viable seeds remained in the flats.
Fecundity in Rhus aromatica is much lower than that in R.