rhus hirta

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staghorn sumac

staghorn sumac

WINTER food Nature's pink lemonade. Grows over 20 ft. tall. Use the reddish-pink fruit.- a horn-shaped cluster of red fuzzy berries that are ready to eat in the winter after weather gets cold and freezes. Do not eat spring summer or fall. It’s not recommended to eat the leaves or branches which are also fuzzy. Dries really well to keep in pantry and use throughout winter. A very abundant plant that yields a lot. Tea made from the red cone tastes and looks like pink lemonade and is very high in vitamin A, very good for the eyes and very tasty. Berries used for lung, mouth, throat and cough, plus female issues. Said to expel worms. Astringent. Root used as blood purifier, and when combined with Echinacea, used for venereal disease. There is a cousin called poison sumac which has white smooth berries.
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