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ribbon strip, girt strip, ledger board, rib-and, ribband

A wood strip or board let into the studs to add support for the ends of the joists; also called a girt strip or ledger board.
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The Ranter Laurence Clarkson described how in 1643 Parliamentarians expressed solidarity with their Presbyterian Scots allies by "taking the Bible in their Pockets, and the Covenant in their Hats"; in 1645 Salisbury clubmen were reported as wearing "white Ribbands in their Hats, with Peace and Truth interwoven." (17)
Olivia's injury is hidden behind a 'ribband', much as Jeronymo's 'wounds' are never explicitly described.
The main competition in the Donald Gordon Theatre will be the award of the David Ellis Memorial Prize, the Blue Ribband.
But while those results four years ago and the number of our sports stars completing their own "Road to Rio" might point to a successful London legacy, the one major concern is athletics, which remains the blue ribband event of the Games.
"We are great supporters of Northumberland RFU and it is important we are part of their blue ribband competition.
Ward, at 17 the minimum age requirement for senior boxing, became one of the youngest champions in the 87-year history of the blue ribband tournament at the expense of Ivanov.
But do not bank on British excellence, not in the blue ribband track and field events anyway where the paucity of talent is a worry with London 2012 on the horizon.
The club landed its first national club championship title in 1991, the blue ribband event of Welsh indoor club bowls.
Ferrari were no match for Michelin-shod Williams and McLaren and Schumacher knows he will have to produce something special to equal Senna's record of six victories in F1's Blue Ribband event.
Gwawr, from Ceredigion, has won the prestigious W Towyn Roberts Scholarship Award and the Osborne Roberts Blue Ribband at the National Eisteddfod.
And then there are the ticket prices, particularly in English football's blue ribband competition.