rice bird

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rice bird:

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, common name in the N United States and Canada for an American songbird, Dolichonyx oryzivorus, related to the blackbird and the oriole, belonging to the family Icteridae.
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Our sergeant, a compassionate man, picks his way through the corpses clutching a torch and his beads pointing to this one or that the few still writhing or uttering a slow moan the glint of an eye now raw and weary a rabbit of dread, and we follow, bayonets poised then thrusting quickly aiming true, into their hearts, rending souls these still wavering these rice birds darting in and out.
Japanese rice farmers and processors have used scarecrows (kakashis) to keep the rice birds at bay for centuries.
While storms and rice birds challenged the working of the rice-growing machines, it was emancipation that ushered in their demise.