rich lime

fat lime, rich lime

1. pure lime (or at least 98% pure lime).
2. Lime putty having a good spread; used to fill voids in the finish coat as it is applied and troweled.
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A winter's show If you have deep, rich lime soil in partial shade, hellebores will thrive.
Bold colors like rich lime greens and bright oranges shine through at every turn, especially the back wall of the kitchen, which consists of concrete blocks.
52-53) (Vicat, 1837): In what follows, we shall term every substance ' very energetic,' which, when kneaded to a clayey consistency with very rich lime, slaked by the ordinary process, forms cement or mortar capable, 1st, of setting from the first to the third day after immersion; 2nd, of acquiring after one year the hardness of good brick; 3rd, of yielding a dry powder under the spring-saw..."
Lastly, we shall say that a substance is 'inert,' when its presence in proper proportions in rich lime in paste makes no alteration whatever in the manner in which the lime would behave, if immersed without mixture."
And his opinion is emphasized by: "There is nothing in the physical characters, either of the arenes, the psammites, or the clays, which will enable us to prognosticate with entire certainty, what their action on rich lime will be." (on p.
86: "One thing which we know to be quite certain, and which we ought never to lose sight of, it this--that there is no sand whatever, be it red or yellow, grey or white, with round grains or angular ones, &c., which can, if it be inert, form a good mortar with rich lime."
The origin of the gardens goes back to 1904, when Robert Butchart built a cement factory at Tod Inlet on Vancouver Island to make use of the rich lime deposits there.
Cleaner and with rich lime fruit and some spice was the Clare Valley Riesling 2001 by Tim Knappstein (pounds 6.99 Oddbins) but that said, I found it watery and anodyne (14).
The wine is full of rich lime flavours - an ideal accompaniment to a soft cheese picnic, with or without the sun.