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a path specially made for riding on horseback



a narrow lane cut through a forest. Rides are made to designate the boundaries of compartments or to serve construction purposes (the laying of power lines and conduits). Rides divide a forest into economic units for exploitation, registration, economic planning and organization, control of forest fires, and transport of timber. A ride is usually 4–8 m wide. Rides established for fire-fighting purposes (sometimes called fire roads in the U. S.) may be as wide as 20 m.

What does it mean when you dream about riding?

Riding in a dream—be it in a car, train, ship—may indicate that the dreamer is seeking a destination. Alternatively, it may reveal that the dreamer is in a relationship or other situation that he or she feels is going nowhere, and it may require that they “ride it out” for awhile.

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First, the good news: Katie Couric isn't available to ride shotgun with Bob Costas for tonight's charade parade.
If all three run, Joe Tizzard would probably ride Shotgun Willy, with Ruby Walsh on Silver Birch and Paddy Brennan riding L'Aventure.
RUBY WALSH'S decision to ride Shotgun Willy in the Martell Cognac Grand National caused a shake-up at the top of the market yesterday.
ARMED police in Ulster are to ride shotgun to protect soldiers manning Green Goddesses if the strike by firefighters goes ahead, The People can reveal.
Nicholls explained that with Murphy certain to ride Shotgun Willy in the Gold Cup at Cheltenham, it was important that Tizzard 'got the feel' of See More Business as he would be the likely rider in the Cheltenham showpiece.
DAVID Coulthard will be ordered to ride shotgun for team-mate Mika Hakkinen in the season's last two Grands Prix - to stop Eddie Irvine winning the title.
amp; NEW YORK -- Setting another new benchmark in TV sports programming, DIRECTV will produce a world's first for NASCAR fans by taking them deep inside America's fastest-growing spectator sport, allowing them to ride shotgun with their favorite drivers, through a new television service - NASCAR HOTPASS[TM] only on DIRECTV.
Ideally, he would like a midfield enforcer to ride shotgun alongside skipper Steven Gerrard and provide the leadership sorely lacking of late.
Barry Simpson was not upset that Walsh elected to forego the ride on the owner's Ad Hoc, saying: "I wasn't surprised that Ruby chose to ride Shotgun Willy instead, as he had a hard decision to make and must have his own personal views, but Ad Hoc is extremely well-weighted and Paul Carberry was delighted to get back on him.