riding trail

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bridle path, riding trail

A path, cleared and compacted, reserved for riding horses and barred to vehicles.
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But instead of taking his usual route Matt gets distracted and follows a number of exciting riding trails, ending with him taking a short cut off the end of Bangor Pier.
With way marked walks, cycle routes and horse riding trails, all levels of fitness and ability are catered for.
For almost 10 years, Maryanna Gabbani, owner and manager of El-Sorat, has mastered riding trails between Giza and Dahshur, passing through several villages, farms and local markets, and ending up in a spot overseeing the Pyramids of Giza, Abu Sir, Sakkara and Dahshur.
The video profiles two families: one who rides only for recreation, the other who uses their ATVs for working on a farm, for camping, and for riding trails.
Riding trails and reporting back on their condition, hauling trout into high lakes for release for the state fish and wildlife department, and packing gear and personnel into back-country work sites for public employees or other volunteer groups are among the other services BCHO volunteers have routinely provided in the 15 years since the first chapters were organized in Hood River and Klamath Falls.
The 'Forestry Only Permit' entitles people to ride on all Forestry Commission riding trails in the West Midlands.
There are scenic and safe riding trails around the 320-acre facility.
Laura Hauser, who formed the community group in the late 1990s to create safe riding trails, stepped down when she was appointed to serve on the city's parks and recreation commission.
It boasts over 10,000 acres of mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding trails.
McLendon Hills offers acreage, a deep bass-filled lake and six miles of tree-lined riding trails.
The idea was developed to include rock climbing, swimming, a diving centre, an off-road vehicle track, horse riding trails, a lake for sailing, cycling, golf courses, shops selling Northumberland produce and hotel and chalet accommodation.