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Mr Buzeki said CCM will champion unity in the Rift Valley and warned a section of Jubilee politicians attempting to divide residents along tribal lines.
Complete genome analysis of 33 ecologically and biologically diverse Rift Valley fever virus strains reveals widespread virus movement and low genetic diversity due to recent common ancestry.
Kenya has already developed 190 MW of geothermal power through a 1980s World Bank-financed project at the Rift Valley site of Olkaria, and last year obtained financing to expand its capacity by an additional 280 MW.
"If you stripped away all of the ice here today, you'd see a feature every bit as dramatic as the huge rift valleys you see in Africa and in size as significant as the Grand Canyon.
Africa Railways is the largest shareholder in Rift Valley Railways and has management rights.
Prevalence of Rift Valley fever immunoglobulin G antibody in various occupational groups before the 2007 outbreak in Tanzania.
Julia Murugi, a local resident who was gang raped after the 2007 election, has taken her seven children out of their Rift Valley home in Nyakinyua and is staying with relatives 300km away.
The project was set up as a link between the Newcastle Law Society and the Rift Valley Law Society in Kenya and has benefited more than 3,000 children and parents as they provide legal advice, assistance and representation.
Working in Kenya's geologically active Rift Valley, where high subterranean temperatures are close to the surface, the consortium uncovered wells of steam able to generate 4-5 MegaWatts (MW) of electricity and one yielding 8MW.
The temporary measure, which will last until further notice, is a precautionary move following outbreak of bird flu in South Africa and Rift Valley Fever in Madagascar .
The movement created the valley that is known today as the Great Rift Valley. This valley is very rich in fossils but it is famous for the discovery of the bones of an early human who lived there 3 million years ago.
The highest drop in production was in regions west of the Rift Valley, where production fell by 50%, from 62 million kg registered during the same period last year to 31 million kg.