quartersawn, rift-sawn

Descriptive of lumber sawn so that the growth rings intersect the wide face at an angle of 45° or greater. Also See edge-grained. (See illustration p. 784.)
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Between the theater and the wine cellar is a spot for a poker table, and a back bar made from rift-sawn white oak cabinets and walnut countertops, with art glass windows above.
Spacious walk-in closets, solid rift-sawn white oak floors, an Italian custom-made kitchen featuring white lacquer cabinets, stainless steel, Pietra Cardosa countertops and Gaggeneau appliances are all part of the residence's luxurious and functional appeal.
Touches of texture and color inject warmth throughout the house: limestone flooring, unusual green-veined marble in the master bath, embossed wallpaper on the kitchen and entrance walls, riotous ceramic tiles in the powder room and guest bathroom, a staircase and kitchen cabinetry made of rift-sawn oak, and a vibrant fire engine-red front door and bright orange rear courtyard wall.