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in politics, the more conservative groups in the political spectrum, in contrast to the radical leftleft,
in politics, the more radically progressive wing in any legislative body or party. The designation apparently originated in the French National Assembly of 1789, where the radicals were seated to the left of the presiding officer.
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 and the liberal centercenter,
in politics, a party following a middle course. The term was first used in France in 1789, when the moderates of the National Assembly sat in the center of the hall. It can refer to a separate party in a political system, e.g.
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. The designation stems from the seating of the nobility on the right side of the presiding officer in the French National Assembly of 1789. In some European legislative assemblies conservative members are still seated in that position.

What does it mean when you dream about being on the right?

In addition to its directional meaning, being on the right can also mean being correct (e.g., to be on the right side of a situation). Being at the right hand of God also says one is in the righteous place of good instead of evil. The right in a dream can also mean to stand up for one’s “rights” or “to right” (rectify) a wrong.


1. of, designating, supporting, belonging to, or relating to the political or intellectual right (see sense 39)
2. conservative or reactionary
3. Geometry
a. formed by or containing a line or plane perpendicular to another line or plane
b. having the axis perpendicular to the base
c. straight
4. the supporters or advocates of social, political, or economic conservatism or reaction, based generally on a belief that things are better left unchanged (opposed to radical or left)
5. Boxing
a. a punch with the right hand
b. the right hand


The right side of the brain is associated with fluid intelligence, nonverbal reasoning, and creativity. In your dream you may be concerned with direction or being right. Either way right usually has positive connotations. You may be sending messages to yourself that you are on a right path or doing the right thing.
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head [left and right arrow] lead [left and right arrow] trail [left and right arrow] tail
shrink [left and right arrow] reduce [left and right arrow] dilute [left and right arrow] stretch
Later that year, Madison was elected to the first House of Representatives, and he promptly introduced a series of amendments based on declarations of rights in state constitutions and in other foundational legal documents from around the world.
They were unnecessary, he said, because the Constitution had not granted the government the powers that the Bill of Rights would guard against.
Furthermore, "Clearly among these must be placed the right to pursue lawful employment in a lawful manner, without other restraints than such as equally affects all persons.
In examining the word "right" as it is used in the Constitution, the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) concluded that a right was something reserved to individuals.
Specifically, Dershowitz argues that the origin of rights can be explained empirically, that rights are created by societies to prevent the recurrence of wrongs.
has a right to freedom in investigating the truth, and--within the limits of the moral order and the common good to freedom of speech and publication, and to freedom to pursue whatever profession he may choose.
International studies, Sunstein reports, show that welfare rights do increase transfer payments, but constitutional rights to education seem to have negative effects, and the right to health services has at best a weak positive effect.
4) It guarantees his rights before birth, by forbidding abortion, except in certain well-defined instances; and after death, it guarantees the right of the body to be properly washed, shrouded, and buried.
Because the impetus for the creation of the Miranda rights was the Supreme Court's concern that custodial interrogations are intrinsically coercive, the right to counsel contained within Miranda applies only when the subject of interrogation is in custody.