right click

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right click

To press the right button on the mouse and release it. Also called a "secondary click," right clicking typically opens the context menu, which provides operations that pertain to the menu, file name or icon that is right clicked. For example, right clicking is the common way to find a file's properties. Any function can be assigned to a right-click menu by software.

On laptops, pressing the right button near or below the trackpad is the same as right clicking. In addition, an area on many trackpads can be designated as a right-click region, and tapping there is the same as right clicking.

Too Much Stuff!
There are probably five functions (arrows) users want when right clicking an icon in Windows. They should all be at the top. See first-time user menu.

A Bit Better
Right clicking an icon on a Mac displays fewer options.
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Right click on Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 > Uninstall device.
Highlight anything in a page by using Touch or Mouse, right click on it and select the "Ask Cortana" option.
What do you mean, nothing happens when you right click the column and there isn't a pulldown menu?
* Scale display grid: Right click away from the plan and pick Display Settings.
* Windows: To rename multiple files in Explorer in a single action, highlight all the files you wish to rename and right click on any one of them.
I don't know why but the only way to enlarge tiny text in this and the above Flash-based site is to right click and zoom in.
Multi-button mice have been standard on Windows PCs for years and even the Mac OS has long recognised a right click.
A right click of the mouse alters light intensity to meet optical instrument and individual requirements.
Here you can order a door opened and room grenaded or take it off its hinges with a shotgun Just a right click and options will appear.
Controls selected via a right click automatically assign any associated parameters to the mouse scroll wheel for adjustment.