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The second condition for the validity of a civil contract as a regulator of relations of property of co-owners is sufficient amount of legal personality of them and of third parties who want to acquire a share in the right of common ownership.
In 2016, the MP from Sultanpur constituency of Uttar Pradesh had proposed an amendment in the Representation of the People Act 1951 through his Representation of the People (Amendment) Bill in the parliament, seeking for the right of common masses to remove their elected representatives within two years from being elected, if 75 percent of those who voted for them are not satisfied with their performance.
HYDERABAD -- Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party, Bilwal Bhutto Zardari claimed that the PPP considered all Pakistanis have equal rights without any creed and caste and it struggled for the right of common people irrespective of any discrimination.
Addressing the meeting, Shehbaz Sharif said that quality treatment facilities is right of common man which is being ensured by the government.