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(1) A specialist’s helper: in institutions of higher learning, the professor’s (instructor’s) helper at lectures and laboratory or practical lessons; in secondary schools, the examiner’s helper; in hospitals and clinics, the doctor’s helper, who watches how an illness is progressing and helps (assists) the surgeon during an operation; in the movies and theater, on television and radio, the helper of the director, operator, and so forth.

(2) In institutions of higher learning in the USSR: (a) a state office in a subdepartment that is filled competitively by persons having the appropriate higher education and qualified for teaching or scientific work; (b) the first scholarly title conferred upon teachers at universities by a resolution of the council of the institution of higher learning (the department) and confirmed by the rector.

(3) In the military: an honor guard of two persons accompanying the standard-bearer.

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But Mack, who subsequently became Jim Wright's right-hand man, had slashed the young woman's throat, not "society's.
Joe Esposito, Elvis Presley's personal right-hand man and also a friend of Carlini, added, "Trent is not only a great performer with an uncanny resemblance to Elvis in many ways, Trent, just like Elvis, is also a great humanitarian.
Former Blues captain Wilkins, who replaces Steve Clarke as Luiz Felipe Scolari's right-hand man, will face double-winning United - another of his old clubs - in his first game at the Bridge on Sunday.
CARSON YEUNG'S right-hand man Sammy Yu has insisted the Hong Kong businessman is still interested in taking full control of relegated Birmingham.
The club and Benitez's right-hand man are in discussion over the termination of Ayestaran's contract and an announcement is expected later this week.
His right-hand man Ed Balls will head a probe into policies sold with holiday packages.
Pat Rice, who lifted the Cup twice during his 650-game Gunners career, has dedicated 34 years to his club and since 1996 has been Arsene Wenger's right-hand man.
Great Britain captain Andy Farrell insists his side can overcome the likely loss of his right-hand man Paul Sculthorpe for the first Test against New Zealand.
The aim is to offer experience for assistants outside of Britain-last year it was won by Mark Johnston's right-hand man James Given, who spent a month in Dubai before setting up in his own right.
MANCHESTER CITY manager Sven-Goran Eriksson is expected to name fellow Swede HANS BACKE as his right-hand man today.
That was a direct shot at Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy and De La Hoya's right-hand man.
He played chief of staff Leo McGarry in the political drama, the right-hand man to Martin Sheen's president Bartlet.