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habitual or more skillful use of one hand as opposed to the other. Approximately 90% of humans are thought to be right-handed. It was traditionally argued that there is a slight tendency toward asymmetrical physiological development favoring the right side of the
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The traditions from numerous disparate cultures reflect the underlying assumption that right-handedness is allied with normality and left-handedness stands for abnormality or pathology.
Annett's right-shift theory suggests a specific genetic determinant for only right-handedness [66].
Was that also God speaking through his servants to announce that right-handedness was what he had in mind at creation?
Another possible theory identifies right-handedness as a dominant gene and left-handedness as a recessive gene.
Enhanced frequencies of right-handedness are associated with greater maturity at birth, more often present in females than males, in single than multiple births, and in normal than low birth-weight infants.
A recent study had provided evidence for a link between left or right-handedness and the orientation of hair whorls on the scalp, said the scientists.
A dominant left side of the brain, however, which leads to right-handedness is much more focused on the logical and academic aspect of the psyche.
A control group of 14 people were matched for age, ethnicity, gender, parental socioeconomic status, smoking and left- or right-handedness.
How neat it would be if we could show that gene A was the cause of right-handedness, gene B of heavy-handedness and gene C of light-fingeredness
Though Wilson excludes important issues such as the handshake and the role of the hand in human sexuality, there is plenty of interest throughout ``The Hand,'' including a hypothesis that the dominance of right-handedness comes from early women hunters, who held their babies closest to their hearts - on the left - as they hunted with their right hands.
The left (sorry, lefties; right-handedness is assumed) hands's presence in the shot can be seen in two ways: a left arm that is fully extended at release and a left thumb or palm that turns in toward the basket.
Golf clubs made by Lestrokes are measured and fitted to the golfer's physical characteristics--height, weight, gender, distance from fingertip to floor, hand size, arm length, right-handedness or left-handedness--as well as age, swing speed and grip.