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And Rigid Resin is Formlab's first glass-reinforced resin and offers very high stiffness and a polished finish."
The efficient design also has a gasket built into the cartridge; because the filter has a rigid resin bonded cartridge as its core, it can be shredded or crushed to one third its size to reduce disposal costs.
A popular biodegradable resin is polylactic acid, which is a strong, rigid resin that can be injection-molded, extruded, thermoformed, or spun and is biorenewable.
Developed by DSM Somos, New Castle, Del., new WaterShed photopolymer is a strong and rigid resin that offers aesthetic appeal similar to the company's WaterClear family of transparent grades.
Typical uses would involve separating TPEs from polypropylene and other rigid resins.