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Tenders are invited for Supply of 2 x 50mm rigidized carbon thermal insulation, etc.
Hell, "Photostable, amino reactive and water-soluble fluorescent labels based on sulfonated rhodamine with a rigidized xanthene fragment," Chemistry A European Journal, vol.
Finally, the shell must be rigidized to prevent the egress of the core material.
Williamsville, NY, April 26, 2015 --( FB Displays & Designs, Inc., (FBD2) a full-service display and graphic design company in Williamsville, was recently chosen to create trade show displays for Jiffy-tite and for Rigidized Metals.
The advantages include the availability of various metal thicknesses, and the rigidized substrate, which facilitates circuit fabrication, and which facilitates mounting of the circuit through screws/bolts or clips.
The spacecraft then dock on the asteroid and deploy a "rigidized photon momentum transfer plane." Photons from the sun strike this reflective surface and alter the position of the asteroid.
This type of flexible circuit construction is known as "rigidized flex." The rigid material (typically FR4) has no conductors and is used primarily to stiffen the substrate in component mounting or connection areas.
Revere Copper Products' Revere Liberty Collection[TM] of architectural copper is offered in dozens of different Rigidized textured patterns.
The HeatBlocker system includes a rigidized Inconel liner that protects a high temperature ceramic mat from wicking of fluids.
Reconstituted stone, which clads the accommodation block, and paving blocks are all in London stock colours; rigidized metal has been used for doors and columns.
It's a structure in which the sail itself and its rigidized membrane contain the microcomputers [and other miniaturized instruments] necessary for the mission."
In an external electric field, the phenomenon of polymer film polarization leading to efficient SH generation may take place not only in the heated mobile state, but also in the rigidized low temperature state.