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(design engineering)
An eyebolt with a ring passing through the eye.



a metal ring connected rigidly or by a hinge to a cylindrical rod with a threaded end. The threaded part of the rod is screwed into the cover or hood of a machine or engine casing. The bolt is used for slinging articles during loading and unloading operations and for assembling and dismantling machines. The metal mooring ring used by vessels is also in the shape of a ringbolt.

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TSX VENTURE: PPI)(OTCQX: PPRTF), a TSX-listed resource company engaged in the exploration and development of advanced potash properties, is expanding its Holbrook Basin, Arizona exploration programme with regard to the option agreement entered into with Ringbolt Ventures Ltd.
I'VE a few big numbers this week that you could road-test before Christmas to see if you think they merit a place at the table with the turkey including Tesco's Ringbolt, Cabernet Sauvignon from Australia's Margaret River pounds 8.
Others have since disappeared, including jagged, bowzered, fuzzled, glaized, nimptopsical, cherubimical, jocular, moon-eyed, limber, loose in the hilts, in his airs, got on his little hat, seen the French king, and stiff as a ringbolt.
As I remember, that little trail is at a place in the river called Ringbolt Rapids.
I have said that the Declaration of Independence is the ringbolt to the chain of your nation's destiny; so, indeed, I regard it.
Ringbolt Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, from Western Australia's Margeret River, comes in at PS10.