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(design engineering)
An eyebolt with a ring passing through the eye.



a metal ring connected rigidly or by a hinge to a cylindrical rod with a threaded end. The threaded part of the rod is screwed into the cover or hood of a machine or engine casing. The bolt is used for slinging articles during loading and unloading operations and for assembling and dismantling machines. The metal mooring ring used by vessels is also in the shape of a ringbolt.

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Hiding his canoe, still afloat, among these thickets, with its prow seaward, he sat down in the stern, paddle low in hand; and when the ship was gliding by, like a flash he darted out; gained her side; with one backward dash of his foot capsized and sank his canoe; climbed up the chains; and throwing himself at full length upon the deck, grappled a ringbolt there, and swore not to let it go, though hacked in pieces.
And if the second mate hap- pened to be there (he had generally one day in three free of fever) I would find him sitting on the skylight half senseless, as it were, and with an idiotic gaze fastened on some object near by--a rope, a cleat, a belaying pin, a ringbolt.
In eye and eye turnbuckle, yielding of loop can occur in heavy loading conditions, along with this shearing, stripping of threads of the ringbolts can also occur.