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bony outgrowth on the front and sides of the pastern bones of a horse's foot, resulting from inflammation or faulty conformation of the bones. The outgrowths increase with sprains and other injuries. Ringbone often produces lameness and is difficult to remedy. It may be controlled by keeping the feet of young animals in proper balance by correct trimming. In cases where swelling above the top edge of the hoof wall has developed and lameness is marked, the sensory nerves may have to be cut.
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a defect of the forelegs and hindlegs of horses; a bony growth in the area of the pastern and coffin joints. Ringbone shows up externally as a thickening in the leg in the area of the coronet and sometimes as lameness. Its causes include weak constitution, underdeveloped bones, rickets, incorrect leg conformation, excessively hard work, and poor raising and handling. A predisposition to ringbone can be passed on genetically.

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Direct trauma to this area can also lead to the development of ringbone. Ringbone usually occurs in the older horse unless it is due to trauma.
Ringbone typically causes heat, swelling, and pain.
Check for hard heels or sidebones, ringbone, corns, contracted feet, and thrush.
Murphy added: "He had a bit of a problem with ringbone too, which may not have helped, but he's had a couple of treatments since and it seems to be fine.
Trainer Colm Murphy revealed that Big Zeb had been treated since his Sandown run for ringbone, a colloquial term for osteoarthritis of the pastern joints.
He had a bit of a problem with ringbone, which may not have helped, but he's had a couple of treatments since and seems to be fine again now."
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