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1. another name for wood pigeon
2. an Old World turtledove, Streptopelia risoria, having a greyish plumage with a black band around the neck



(Columba palumbus), a bird of the family Columbidae. The body is about 45 cm long. The head is bluegray, the back brownish, the throat rose-colored, and the neck has white spots and a greenish half-collar with a coppery tinge. The bird is found in Europe, western Asia, and northwest Africa. In the USSR it is found east to Omsk and from 61°-62° N lat. south to and including the Ukraine, the lower Volga, the Crimea, and the Caucasus, as well as Middle Asia. The ringdove is a migratory bird. It inhabits forests, nesting in trees. A clutch consists of two eggs. The bird feeds in fields, its diet consisting of seeds and, more rarely, insects, worms, mollusks, and berries. It is hunted for sport. The number of ringdoves is declining because of the cutting of forests and excessive game shooting.


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If, moreover, Achilles Tatius has neither a separate preface like Longus nor an explicit statement of intent from the narrator, this is because the picture of Europa combines the functions of the preface and the tale of the ringdove in Longus.
Beginning in "The Bicycle Rider" and continuing in "The Jules Verne Steam Balloon" and "The Ringdove Sign," we watch him experience the hurt--he had offered friendship to a young man; the young man preferred drugs--and gradually overcome it thanks, as he explains, to "...
Too much commotion, too much randomness, I'd rather move to the garden, to conscientiously note that ringdoves all fly off the trees together, at the same time.
Ringdoves roost well within his wood, shirr songs to suit which mood he saunters in; how but most glad could be this adam's woman when all earth his words do summon leaps to laud such man's blood!
9 Nature, he and his colleagues report on studies of ringdoves (Streptopelia risoria), an African species domesticated by hobbyists.
Hundreds of ringdoves were fluttering about the deserted courts, picking up grain.