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Software that converts audio and video content into formats for computer storage and playback. See ripping and MP3.



an excavating machine for loosening layers of frozen soil, rock (usually of medium strength), and artificial surfaces in layers using the tractive force of a prime mover. Rippers are used in construction together with other excavating machines to prepare foundation pits, canals, and trenches; they are also used for stripping work in open-pit mines.

Rippers are equipped with a trailer or mounted tined device with elements for attachment to the prime mover and a hydraulic drive. A distinction is made between three-armed, four-armed, and parallelogram mounted devices. Rippers may have remote adjustment for the angle, operating width, and depth of ripping. The working member of the ripper is a tooth with a replaceable tip and a wear-resistant protective covering. Modern rippers usually have a hydraulic drive to raise and lower the teeth, change the ripping angle of the tip of the tooth, control the mechanism that positions the arms, and change the spacing of the teeth. Some rippers have shock absorbers to reduce the transfer of peak dynamic loads to the prime mover and attachments for working with push tractors.


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ripper, 1
1. An attachment with long angled teeth that fits on the rear of a tractor or is towed by it; penetrates and loosens subsurface layers of earth to a depth of up to 3 ft (approx. 1 m).
2. A tool used for removing damaged slates on a roof; consists of a long steel blade with a notched hook at one end for withdrawing nails.
3. A towed machine, provided with teeth to loosen hard soil and soft rock.
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