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(1) Converting an audio CD from its native CD-DA format to MP3, AAC, FLAC or some other compressed audio format. The term was coined with a counterculture inference, because many tech-savvy people loved the idea they were "ripping off" the music industry by making copyrighted works available in a compact format that could be quickly downloaded over the Internet. Ripping is also called "importing." See CD-DA, MP3, AAC, FLAC, codec examples and import.

(2) Decrypting a DVD movie and storing it on a hard disk. Ripping a DVD does not result in a smaller, compressed version of the original as it does with audio files. See DeCSS.

(3) Converting an analog recording to a digital format. See VHS ripping, USB turntable and cassette ripping.

(4) Using a raster image processor, which prepares a page for display or printing. See RIP.

ripsawing, flat cutting, ripping

Sawing lumber parallel to the grain direction.
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On the other hand, some advantages for using a gang ripsaw include the fact that the rip width accuracy and parallelism is better than a straight-line ripsaw and can allow ripping narrower moulding blanks having less moulder allowance.
When gang ripping, there are two relatively minor productivity concerns related to lumber grade:
You might want to start by looking at all-in-one programs with features for ripping, encoding, playing and organizing music files.
The Denver office is critical to shortening turnaround times for the Midwest and mountain regions," says Sean Manzanares, founder and CEO of CEDIA member Ripping Revolution.
These ripping systems can now be a high-tech operation that integrates laser light guides and computer scanning systems to replace or minimize the human factor in determining maximum yield per board.
Nick brings a unique set of skills and experience to the table," says Sean Manzanares, founder and CEO of Ripping Revolution.
This discussion overviews a decision support system for designing gang rip arbors and its application in gang ripping operations.
based Ripping Revolution, which provides conversion services to time-starved, technically challenged or seasoned music collectors.
Today we have the technology and tools in place to enable the industry to adopt high quality XPS RIPping and native printing easily and affordably.
Macrovision Corporation (Nasdaq:MVSN), the global market leader in content protection and digital rights management (DRM) technologies, announced today that it will demonstrate its latest complete music content protection solutions, designed to reduce unauthorized CD ripping and illegal peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing at Midem 2005 (Stand R34.