risk assessment

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risk assessment

A report that shows an organization's vulnerabilities and the estimated cost of recovery in the event of damage. It also summarizes defensive measures and associated costs based on the amount of risk the organization is willing to accept (the risk tolerance).

A "risk analysis" is the process of arriving at a risk assessment, also called a "threat and risk assessment." A "threat" is a harmful act such as the deployment of a virus or illegal network penetration. A "risk" is the expectation that a threat may succeed and the potential damage that can occur. See risk management and risk mitigation.

Risk assessment

An evaluation of potential consequences to humans, wildlife, or the environment caused by a process, product, or activity; including both the likelihood and the effects of an event. Also, qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the risk posed to human health or the environment by the actual or potential presence or use of specific pollutants.
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For more information on the upcoming proposed clarified risk assessment standards, including a Q&A on them, visit our Audit and Attest Web page.
Risk assessment is the scientific evaluation of known or potential adverse health effects resulting from human exposure to hazards.
USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service released a draft risk assessment for Listeria that could lead to reductions in illnesses and deaths associated with the pathogen.
We continue to advocate that the best risk assessment approach for perchlorate is to use data collected from sensitive populations such as children and, in particular, the published and ongoing work in Chile.
The Justice also noted that if an inmate does not agree to a risk assessment the amendment allows for CSC staff to conduct a risk assessment based on "available information," which could be derived from a review of an offender's file, observation of an offender's conduct and consideration of collateral information.
Highlights of the Risk Assessment Symposium include programs on the history of risk assessment, AIHA's position on risk assessment, industrial hygiene risk assessment models and their applications, case studies, and much more.
Has management conducted a detailed risk assessment for each system?
a 90-employee steel foundry in Bay City, Michigan, informed the House Science Committee during the premier House hearing on risk assessment of the regulatory hailstorm foundries face.
FSA, the global voice of the fabless business model, announces the availability of its Hard IP Quality Risk Assessment Tool version 1.
EPA 2002) and a risk assessment by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (Mass DEP 2004) considered this dose to be a LOAEL (lowest observed adverse effect level).
Action--The industry supports legislation that promotes environmental and health regulation based on sound science, targets real health and environmental threats, fully discloses the limitations and uncertainties in the risk assessment process, and balances the costs and benefits of new regulations.

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