road runner

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road runner:

see cuckoocuckoo,
common name for members of the extensive avian family Cuculidae, including the ani and the roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus), widely distributed in temperate and tropical regions.
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Road Runner

thrives on outwitting Wile E. Coyote. [Comics: “Beep Beep the Road Runner” in Horn, 105]
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Road Runner

foxy bird who continually zooms out of the coyote’s reach. [TV: “The Road Runner Show” in Terrace, 247]
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He noted that there are many basic vision applications that simply haven't changed much over the past 20 years and that continue to be satisfied by the Road Runner's capabilities.
The speed provided by PowerBoost is in relation to the level of Road Runner service a customer is subscribed to.
The Road Runner might be cute, but their operation is much closer to Wile E.
Adirim served four years as medical director for the Marathon in the Parks hosted each November by the Montgomery County Road Runners Club.
Once at work, a Road Runner's biggest threat is the weather.
With their deals, both Hughes and Road Runner hope to whet subscribers' appetite for other content and multimedia services, like video-on-demand.
A spokesperson for AOL Time Warner has stated that the offer from Road Runner is not unusual and nothing would prevent a competitor from launching a similar scheme.
Competing in the Age of the Road Runner (Warner Books, 2000).
The cable company made the introduction between the two classrooms--which, Kondrick says, eased her fears about safety on the Net--and also provided a free, high-speed Road Runner cable-modem connection.
GTE and Road Runner are neck-and-neck in the ultimate high-speed chase.
Expect interactive AOL TV, Internet arm Road Runner, portal Entertaindom and Warner Bros.
Road Runner, the nation's leading cable modem high-speed Internet provider, wanted its on-line content delivery to be ultrafast--ideally, 50 to 100 times faster than standard dial-in Web connections.