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What does it mean when you dream about a roadblock?

See Obstacle.

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Police were called to the motorway just before 2pm and the roadblock was introduced shortly afterwards.
I have received information that police officers are creating roadblocks at night in a bid to take bribes from motorists transporting goods to Nairobi.
attached a chain and a haul hitch to a pickup truck that was part of the roadblock and pulled it out of the way, said a protester who goes by the name North.
These two are the only team that still seems to have moments where they just cannot get along, no matter how hard they try, and that happened again in Venice, after they ran into trouble finding a water taxi to take them to the Roadblock.
2015 was the most successful year to-date for Project Roadblock, as more than 1,000 TV stations participated and the initiative received 65,000 ad placements, resulting in $8.
Together, the bricks and mortar create an almost immovable roadblock, even a wall of resistance.
Colorful Revolution' protestors say these roadblocks are for justice and freedom, and against pardoning criminals.
a resident of Barangay (village) Kisante, also in Makilala, and a member of the 7th Infantry Battalion based in Mlang town, was on a Honda XRM motorcycle when seized at an NPA roadblock in Sitio Balawan in Barangay Malasila.
The Turkish occupation army is in control of Varosha, while it maintains a military post close to the roadblock in Deryneia.
According to ISM , the roadblock prevents access from the village to the main road towards Nablus and Qalqilyah where many Deir Istiya residents work and study.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A Palestinian young man was killed and another injured in an Israeli forces' shooting at a car at a military roadblock near Qalqilia.
The Ministry of Interior on Wednesday said on its website that a military and police force including nine armored vehicles and a tank were able to lift a tribal roadblock on the main road in Al-Wadi district.