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What does it mean when you dream about a roadblock?

See Obstacle.

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In sum, the Supreme Court was correct in holding that information-seeking roadblocks are consistent with the Fourth Amendment.
They include plans to pull troops out of two more Palestinian cities and dismantle three roadblocks in the West Bank.
The roadblocks ignore drivers with high blood alcohol concentrations and repeat offenders.
Riot police took up positions at several oil refineries in the country out of fears that the roadblocks could spill over to major industrial sites.
A sudden load of unexpected work, a company reorganization, a new competitive product, the departure of a key executive--these are only a few of the events that can put roadblocks in the way of your getting your work done faster.
A BATTLE zone photographer tearfully cradles his five-day-old daughter before her funeral yesterday - and puts the blame for her death on Israeli roadblocks.
Second, companies can create roadblocks to the formation and success of an inappropriate or untimely demutualization movement.
The respondents in this case, which involved the use of police roadblocks to stop a fleeing vehicle, "allege the police acting under color of law, violated Brower's Fourth Amendment rights by effecting an unreasonable seizure using excessive force.
3) In the process, the Court issued a rather narrow opinion that should not unduly dishearten those who consider roadblocks an effective law enforcement tool.
The Situation: In 1998, police in Indianapolis, Indiana, set up roadblocks to catch people using illegal drugs.
Police erected roadblocks on all main roads leading to Harare, causing mile-long lines.
Rather, as has been true for years in many organizations, commonly encountered roadblocks to change are primarily matters of human understanding and behavior.