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The ship arrived in the Sukadana roadstead in mid-May and the Sultan gave permission for it to be brought into the river.
A Dutch official sent to Lifau in 1684 noted that lying in the roadstead were a Portuguese ship from Macau owned by a certain Francisco d'Silva; a sloop from Batavia belonging to a Larantukan called Manuel d'Abreu; a ship (gonting) from Siam owned by the Portuguese Manuel Simonis; a boat coming from Batavia belonging to the Makassarese Encik Mama; and a sloop owned by the Frenchman M.
2] Conrad testifies to the force and truth of the principles of a metaphysics of art when, in the concluding sentence of his Author's Note, he writes about his own chance encounter with the Jim in ourselves: "One morning in the commonplace surroundings of an Eastern roadstead, I saw his form pass by--appealing--significant--under a cloud--perfectly silent.
Emden, sporting her dummy funnel, steamed unchallenged into the roadstead and quickly despatched the Russian cruiser Jemstchoug.
Darius" terminal is an unsheltered roadstead some 6 km to the south of T-jetty.
Alternatively, there is a school of thought that believed that he might have considered trying to get such a bomb to Israel, possibly by boat, for detonation in the Haifa harbor roadstead.
It seems that we are nearing now The roadstead of Cytherea, and hear
They would roar down its lee and drop anchor in the roadstead north of the bluffs.
barge transfers from shallow draught barges out to larger vessels moored off the coast in the Karumba Roadstead waters ready to ship product to Asia.
Gary Faber, the company's senior vice president, says Foss also employs roadstead loading of dry bulk cargo--the first such system in the world.
Contract award: Basic renewal zw as papenburg and as roadstead