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(1) Using the services of another cellular carrier when traveling in a foreign country or in an area where the primary carrier has no service.

(2) Using a cellphone or smartphone and moving from one cell tower or Wi-Fi hotspot to another without losing the connection.
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of animals for pasture, the migrations of populations of animals within a relatively small area in search of food and places to rest; one of the types of animal migration. In roaming for pasture, the animals move to an area that touches or overlaps their previous area, usually their mating grounds. Roaming usually takes place during a particular season of the year and often during a certain time of day. Roaming for pasture is widespread among mountain mammals; for many birds (rooks, starlings) roaming precedes the seasonal migration, and for others (bullfinches) roaming takes place all fall and winter. Some invertebrates move daily from one level of vegetation to another, depending upon such conditions as temperature and humidity.

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Syniverse is using its IPX Network as a core solution to enable LG Uplus' 5G roaming service.
Data roaming is not a premium service which only caters to the corporate giants anymore; everyone can take advantage of the facilities and services provided during their travels across 32 countries, through Zong's prepaid data roaming SIM.
Through Zong 4G's LTE Roaming, the extensive base of over 12 million 4G subscribers will have access to the Pakistan' No.
The Agreement is a clear message about the region's commitment to European integration, with the roaming charges within the region planned to be abolished altogether within two years.
According to the telco, all RLH models are charged upon subscription, with validity starting from the first eligible usage, so customers who purchase now can use them anytime while roaming with any of Etisalat's preferred roaming partners covering more than 120 countries including while inflight.
It is worth to mention that Azercell subscribers have the opportunity to use Daily 100 MB Data Roaming package for 3.90 AZN, 400 MB Data Roaming package for the duration of 3 days for 9.90 AZN, 1 GB Data Roaming Package for the duration of 14 days for 19.90 AZN and eliminate any unexpected data expenses.
Smart's suite of new data roaming products extend to the data-packed GigaRoam, which offers 1GB data roaming valid for five days for as low as P999; and Roam Lite, which offers light Web surfing and social-media apps access valid for 24 hours for as low as P150.
Currently, Etisalat's roaming network covers 190 global destinations.
Each line will get 500MB of roaming data as well as unlimited calls and SMS.
This reduction comes as part of the previous initiatives towards facilitating the availability of roaming services for GCC nationals and residents within reasonable and affordable price levels in view of the expected positive impact on enhancing social ties and economic integration between the GCC countries.
18 (BNA): Oman's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has announced that roaming users in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries will now enjoy further reductions in roaming prices for voice calls, mobile data and, SMS services.