rock 'n' roll

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rock 'n' roll:

see rock musicrock music,
type of music originating in the United States in the mid-1950s and increasingly popular throughout much of the world. Origins of Rock

Essentially hybrid in origin, rock music includes elements of several black and white American music styles: black
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Today's events include the Rock 'n' Roll marathon and half marathon, which will see thousands more take to the streets of Liverpool - and a whole host of bands to entertain them.
But starting today, there will be a monthly revival of that revival, with Coatham Memorial Hall hosting a monthly rock 'n' roll night sure to be dripping in nostalgia.
Leigh-Davis wears many hats on the set of "Are You Ready to Rock 'n' Roll?" in that she is writer, producer, and directs many episodes.
Vince Martin (as he was called in those days) was initially cajoled into vocal duties, but soon took to the role and at last the youth in the city had some home-grown rock 'n' roll to enjoy.
Separating race from rock 'n' roll is like re moving salt from seawater.
So when, in 1966, Reed was approached by a friendly Russian apparatchik offering a truly socialist variant of fame, he boarded a plane for the Soviet Union as an Officially Approved Rock Star--the genuine American article, playing ersatz rock 'n' roll.
Robert Thompson, a professor of pop culture at Syracuse University, called the absence "'beyond conspicuous," because black artists often are credited with inventing rock 'n' roll.
Cleveland DJ Alan Freed coined the term rock 'n' roll in 1951 after a song called My Baby Rocks Me With A Steady Roll.
Stripped down and raw (a path forged by the Sonics and their ilk in the '60s as a reaction to over-productj6n and extras such as symphonic accompaniment), it came out as a CD a few years ago, but now Aspirations is available on vinyl through Rock 'n' Roll Blitzkreig Records...
The Late Great Johnny Ace and the Transition from R&B to Rock 'n' Roll. Urbana: U of Illinois P.1999.
The exhibit examines one of the most commercially lucrative relationships of our day--the relationship between fashion and rock 'n' roll. In fact, the exhibit covers such an array of fashion statements and attitudes that a more complete title might be Rock Style: Who Had It, Who Lost It, Who Never Stood a Chance.