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"As a substance that hovers between these two stages--liquid and solid--it's often kind of pregnant with meaning of the movement between matter and spirit," which is why rock crystal was often featured on Gospel books, Mann said.
Estimated at GBP 80,000-120,000, a chess piece dating from the 11th century presents a rare example of Fatimid rock crystal carving and is an important addition to the known group of rock crystal gaming pieces from this period.
The Evelyn rock crystal and sterling silver ring, created by Gemvara, is on sale for only 1,195 dollars through the company's website.
Among her favorites: amber, rock crystal, citrine, and onyx.
The hotel is offering a Crystal Anniversary New York Vacation Package priced at USD15,000, which includes two nights in a one-bedroom suite, a bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal Brut Champagne, Rock Crystal Jewellery from Ivanka Trump Fine Jewellery, a Shonbek Crystal Chandelier, a pair of Christian Louboutin crystal shoes, a Champaign dinner for two at the Jean Georges restaurant, and breakfast for two daily at Nougatine.
How to transport the rock crystal for her pounds 1m bathtub across the Amazon.
We're loving the new rock crystal and rose gold plate sweetie, pounds 175 and the plain rose gold plate sweetie, pounds 195.
Among the appendices is an essay controversy over the origins of the Corning Hedwig beaker, and notes on other rock crystal works.
1 Rock Star A giant rock crystal crowns the palest silver lambskin bag by Clara Karsavina, the fave designer for Hollywood glamour girls from Hayden Panettiere to Melanie Griffith, Beyonce and Jada Pinkett Smith.
Although we stock French chandeliers made of rock crystal and Venetian ones made of coloured glass, our strength is our Osler collection.
Reading stones - usually pieces of rock crystal - were developed by monks in the Middle Ages.
"They also wanted their work to be more affordable, so they used silver or silver plating instead of gold, and semi-precious stones like citrine, onyx, moonstones and rock crystal, much cheaper than diamonds."