rock rose

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Whole plant is useable. Thin alternate leaves, yellow 5 petal flower. Kidneys, arthritis, sore throat, rheumatism, lymph, tuberculosis, eyewash.
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INGREDIENTS For the mousse: 170g good-quality dark chocolate, minimum 60 per cent cocoa solids, roughly chopped 7 free-range egg whites 40g caster sugar For the gin-soaked blackberries: 500g blackberries (you can pick your own or buy them) 200ml Rock Rose Gin or Navy Strength Gin 150g caster sugar 100ml water To serve: 4 meringue nests (shop bought or homemade)
That period of expansion is when the sheets of molten rock rose from below, penetrating cracks created as the hot moon grew.
Wild mountain ponies on Anglesey are helping to conserve rare plant species such as Butterfly Orchids, Butterwort, Spotted Rock Rose and Mountain Everlasting
THE Tizzard team went home with another winner when new arrival Rock Rose foiled the Pipe/McCoy runner
Sherburn Hill's grassland supports rare plants such as blue moor grass, rock rose and dark red helleborine.
Troubled bank Northern Rock rose, up 2%, or 2p to 90p as reports suggested investment group Olivant may be tempted back to the bidding process if the government alters its terms.
Northern Rock rose 4% after a report in the Times newspaper said the mortgage lender had attracted takeover interest from Virgin Group, which owns Virgin Money.
Between John O'Groats and Thurso is Dunnet Bay Distillers, a squat one-storey building that conceals a distiller called Elizabeth and a lab, where husband-andwife team, Martin and Claire Murray, concoct their Rock Rose gin.
poinsettia punch WITH spruce tips cited as the hero ingredient in the special Winter Edition of Rock Rose Premium Scottish Gin (PS34, 70cl, Dunnet Bay Distillers), the original elements have been scaled down to allow the earthy and gentle citrusy notes from the spruce to shine.
Many are available in garden centres, including Diascia cordifolia, Convolvulus cneorum, Helianthemum (rock rose), Leucanthemum hosmariense, miniature geranium species, such as G.
The grazing will benefit a host of species, including orchids and rock rose, which is a food plant for the rare Durham Argus butterfly."