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One acre with a single-family home at 6053 Route 14 in Rock Stream, Yates County, valued at $118,000.
Mark Karasz is the owner, winemaker and distiller of Rock Stream Vineyards, a small winery a few miles north of Watkins Glen, N.Y.
Rock Stream's other main distilled product is grappa.
Caption: Owner, winemaker and distiller Mark Karasz of Rock Stream Vineyards stands next to his condensing unit and 80-gallon Alembic-style copper pot still.
None of his lilies are close to waterfalls, something many of us forget or find difficult in a small pool with a rock stream.
Magnus Ridge Winery, Rock Stream, N.Y.: Magnus Ridge bottled its first 60 cases of wine in September, and in October broke ground on what is planned to be a destination winery near Seneca Lake.
The surrounding crags provide nesting for peregrine falcons and the lower rock streamed valley is home to Wheatears.
In the alpine area of the Southern Carpathians, the alpine geomorphological landscape is dominated by glacial landforms (glacial cirques, throughs, moraines, erratics and roches moutone) and periglacial features (rockglaciers, talus cones and scree slopes, block fields, rock streams, cryoplanation terraces, patterned ground, solifluction forms etc.).
He theorizes that the flow forms part of a conveyor belt system: Mantle rock streams toward the rise, erupts, and bonds to the Pacific Plate, then moves with the plate away from the rise.