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(rō`dēō, rōdā`ō), public exhibition of the skill of cowboys in various activities. Events include riding broncos, riding steers, "bulldogging" steers, roping and tying steers and calves, the use of the lasso, and other less closely related activities such as contests of marksmanship. The rodeo was originally merely an adjunct to the roundup, a contest of skill between various cow hands, but the spectacle became popular in the late 1880s and 90s and gradually took on more and more of the aspects of a circus. Today there are many professional rodeo performers who spend their time going from one exhibition to another. There are annual rodeos at many places in the West; in the East the rodeos normally travel like the circus and take place in indoor arenas.


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I have also asked my officials to see how we can improve animal welfare outcomes for animals used in rodeos.
Prineville's Kaley Mae Hook, who runs KMH Bulls that compete in some of the top rodeos on a regular basis, is expected to provide some bulls Sunday, including Ridin' Dirty.
For many civic boosters and entertainment entrepreneurs in these small towns, rodeos were among the events staged by communities to communicate something about their towns in a young nation that was expanding westward early in the 20th century.
Rodeo clowns entertain crowds during and between rodeo events, such as bull riding and steer roping.
The range comprises the Rodeo Single Cab, Rodeo Denver, Denver Max and also the Denver Max LE, which boasts an uprated engine plus an ultra-luxury interior and lavish equipment tally.
s Cloverdale Rodeo, its organizers should have realized they were licked.
As the director of the Chicago-based animal advocacy organization Mercy For Animals (MFA), I spent seven months undercover attending rodeo events to investigate and document the treatment of the non-human "competitors.
They travel to rodeos together with their daughter.
Thirty years later, it has spawned 27 gay rodeo associations that sponsor 36 rodeos nationwide for 8,000 cowboys and cowgirls.
5 litre single cab Rodeo costs just pounds 11,357 with the six model range topping out at pounds 18,153 for an automatic version complete with air conditioning.
The National Gas Rodeo is the premier event for crews in the natural gas industry to showcase their skills and professionalism.