rolled roofing

asphalt prepared roofing, asphaltic felt, cold-process roofing, prepared roofing, rolled roofing, rolled strip roofing, roofing felt, sanded bituminous felt, saturated felt, self-finished roofing felt

Installing asphalt prepared roofing
A roofing material manufactured by saturating a dry felt with asphalt and then coating the saturated felt with a harder asphalt mixed with a fine mineral, glass-fiber, asbestos, or organic stabilizer; available in the form of rolls. All or part of the weather side may be covered with mineral granules or with powdered talc or mica. The reverse side is covered with a material suitable to prevent sticking in the roll. The
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600 SF of rolled roofing roof system at lower canopy roofs over the entrance/exits.
MATERIALS LIST 4 20' sections of old galvanized steel irrigation pipe 2 mobile home axles with wheels Treated wood of various lengths and quantities: 2" x 2", 2" x 4", 2" x 6", 2" x 8" and 4" x 4" 10 sheets 4'x8'x1/2" treated plywood 3 sheets 4'x8'x 3/4" treated plywood for floor Lag bolts Rolled roofing material and roofing nails Plastic 3" diameter PVC for gun rest Door hinges Door latch 1 gallon of Sherwin Williams Greenbriar Exterior WoodScapes paint 2 sections 4" x 4"x 8' angle iron 2 sections 4" x 4" x 10' angle iron 4 irrigation pipe rail-support pads adjusted to water depth with steel plate feet (welded) Total cost: $1,000
Now, the Tipi Condo appeared in Bowhunter's Whitetail Special 2007 ("The Golden Years"), and the Condo's rolled roofing had seen better days.
One by eight roof sheathing with rolled roofing finished the roof.
F: StormSentry Rolled Roofing is a modified asphalt rolled roofing product that is reinforced with an extra heavy fiberglass mat for low slope applications as an alternative to hot mop applications.
You can use standard composite roof shingles, rolled roofing, a piece of tin or copper, or any other waterproof material at hand.
A similar detail hides the seams on the red rolled roofing.
ROOF SHIELD is engineered for application to corrugated/prefab metal shingles (composition, asphalt, asbestos and fiberglass), granulated rolled roofing, and torch-down systems.
We covered all sides and the roof of the 8' x 9' cellar with small logs, felt, and rolled roofing.
At the time we were putting down the rolled roofing, morning temperatures ranged from zero to 10 above.
Liquid elastomeric roof maintenance coatings for repairing and maintaining flat roofs, tar, asphalt, and rolled roofing are less expensive per square foot than other maintenance systems.
Using a sabersaw, Bruder cut aligned holes in the rolled roofing and decking and the gypsum board ceiling.