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STUNNING Myriam Badger turns a few heads when she roller blades along Birmingham's busiest roads.
Robber Karen Cliche and her best buddy (Stephen Dorff) lead a series of spectacular robberies, escaping by roller blade or parachute.
Louisa and Prime Time were involved in organising this year's Irish Skate Boarding and Roller Blade Championships which were held in the former Arcadia Ballroom in Cork city.
He also paid tribute to Prancing Blade's dam Sparkling Cinders, saying: "She's already produced two useful horses in Roller Blade and Prancing Blade, and her latest runner Razer Blade looked good when winning a bumper at Ayr last month.
Asked in a mock referendum whether their borough council should spend pounds 6,000 on extending IT provision in under-equipped schools, on creating a roller blade park, or on planting trees to improve the town's environment, a clear majority of the young voters chose the roller blade park.
One of the thugs then rammed the point of his roller blade between Mr Henderson's eyes.
When he was lying helpless, this animal deliberately rammed the point of the roller blade between his eyes.