rolling shutters

roll-up door, rolling shutters

A door made up of small horizontal interlocking metal slats which are guided in a track; the configuration coils about an overhead drum which is housed at the head of the opening; either manual or motor-driven.
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Tenders are invited for Tender for the maintenance contract for 89 Rolling shutters (61-DRT & 28-Mulund) in ICD/DRT&Mulund for the period of 2 years.
com as an informational portal that features educational resources on subjects such as property value benefits from Bahama and Colonial shutters, rolling shutters repairs and hurricane panels, and many other helpful tips that can save you thousands of dollars in the Vero Beach Area.
Francis and Gaye Jewellers, in Cathedral Lanes shopping centre, is looking at increasing the thickness of the store's glass and installing rolling shutters as part of a refit taking place this year.
The new addition extends the Seuster range, which includes both horizontal and vertical doors for internal and external installation, as well as glazed sectionals, double door systems and insulated rolling shutters.
One of the two rolling shutters, the one that was partially open, functioned as the entrance to a storeroom full of the slimy stuff.
Limited Tenders are invited for Repair and maintenance of existing rolling shutters of warehouses at icd khodiyar/khdb
The HR116 rolling shutters provide a practical solution where thermal insulation is required and tall openings are in use.
For more than 3 decades, engineers at Somfy have been designing products to motorize interior and exterior window coverings such as awnings, rolling shutters, exterior solar screens, interior shades, wood blinds, draperies, projection screens and more.
Tenders Are Invited for Providing & Fixing Wire Mesh Steel Doors (Jali Gates) in Two Leaves & Four Leaves to Prevent Entry of Birds Through Rolling Shutters / M S.
Dual electronic rolling shutters capture 30 frames-per-second (fps) at 27 megahertz (MHz), 60 hertz (Hz) field rate for NTSC video systems, or 25 fps at 27 MHz, 50Hz field rate for PAL video systems with a maximum integration time of 33 milliseconds (msecs) for NTSC and 40 msecs for PAL providing excellent video quality, especially in low-light and bright light condition.
2) singapore rolling shutters pte ltd total price: 8,600.