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rowlock, rolok, rollock

1. A brick laid on its edge so that its end is visible.
2. One ring of a rowlock arch.
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Nicola Rollock and David Gillborn are faculty members of the University of Birmingham, UK.
Robert Rollock, Lectures Upon the First and Second Epistles of Paul to the Thessalonians (Edinburgh, 1606), 209.
We also need to accept that there is disproportionality in the criminal justice system (Mason, 2003; Rollock, 2009; London Probation Trust, 2012f).
Bugg sounds positively Dylan-esque in a rip-roaring rollock which stands worthy comparison with the debut's Lightning Bolt.
I rollock the team even when we win because I expect high standards from them.
Appreciation is expressed to the families who participated in this study, to Jennifer Bender Berz, Carolyn Greene, Michael Rollock, Ana Diaz, and Yudy Muneton, who contributed to its implementation, and to the reviewers of this article.
Peter Schmeichel used to come out and rollock Steve Bruce and Gary Pallister and they'd give it back.
I was about to rollock Joe for a bad ball in but then the keeper dropped it.
These efforts have not been successful, except in the case of Rollock (1992) who devised an instructional condition where personal involvement and social sensibility would have a favouring effect.
Dr Nicola Rollock, one of the study's authors, said racism was still a reality for many black middle-class families.