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a poem consisting of 13 or 10 lines with two rhymes and having the opening words of the first line used as an unrhymed refrain
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a fixed verse form consisting of 15 lines in three stanzas, with a rhyme scheme of aabba, abbR, and aabbaR, in which R is a refrain (often nonrhyming) that repeats the first words of the first line.

In content, most rondeaux were love lyrics. The form originated in French poetry in the late 14th century and flourished from the 16th century through the first half of the 17th. Rondeaux were written by Russian poets during the 18th and early 20th centuries. In the 20th century the rondeau is used as a consciously stylized form (for example, M. Kuzmin’s “Manon Lescaut”).


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The appendices of Rondeaux et Viretais are first presented in French, then in English, and include a short chart of abbreviations and the critical notes for each piece.
Another botched election and resultant unrest would push them to breaking point," Rondeaux said.
Jean Marot had no need of this passage of the Defensore when, most likely around 1511-1513, he composed one of his most beautiful "rondeaux parfaits," a rondeau that I discovered in ins.
rondeauplural rondeaux French, from Old French rondel rondel