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1. A small circular panel or window; an oculus.
2. In glazing, a bull’s-eye or circular light like the bottom of a bottle.
3. A small bead molding or astragal.
4. In stage lighting, a glass or gelatin color filter used in a borderlight.
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A council report says: "The Rondel House building has recently been refurbished and offers a pleasant and functional space for over 40 people per day.
From the city centre of Zilina, it is possible to cross the Rondel intersection only in the direction towards Ha'rka, Banova, Bratislava, adca and Olomouc.
[T]hey are admirable vehicles for the expression of trifles or jeux d'esprit." (15) More specifically, Dobson claims that the rondel and rondeau are "well suited for the expression of brief emotions, and sportive or amatory incident; in short, for any light lyrical theme of defined extent" (p.
He'd never have left, he muses, if the kids didn't have to go to high school -- the nearest one, in Solea, was too much of a trek -- which was why he came down to Nicosia and opened the Rondel.
The author believes that Geis's saddle-shaped phytoliths may actually be rondels, types with at least one circular face found in many subfamilies and structures of the Poaceae [54, 57].
Each main character is multilayered, from protagonist Iren to Rondel, his unusual mentor and sometimes nemesis.
"Juan de la Cruz," a creation of Rondel Lindayag and Dindo Perez, first aired on the Kapamilya channel on February 4.
This collection of Kai Nielsen's writings has been conceived as a tribute to the Canadian political philosopher, a self-described "liberal socialist cosmopolitan nationalist." Editors Rondel (philosophy, Ryerson U., Canada) and Sager (philosophy, Portland State U., US), who both studied under Nielsen at Concordia U., have selected 13 essays as broadly representative of Nielsen's thought, organizing them into three sections thematically concerned with: critical theory and metaphilosophy; egalitarianism and socialism; and cosmopolitanism, nationalism, and global justice.
FOUNDATION DEGREE IN SOCIAL SCIENCES IN PROFESSIONAL POLICING, WEST MERCIA CONSTABULARY Catherine Jean Ashton, Laura Jane Breeze, Philip Anthony Charles, Alexander John Fogwill, Ian Heeks, Georgina Louise Humphris, Edward Charles Jones, Stuart Philip King, Bartley James Patrick McDonagh, Katherine Oen, Robert Emil Rondel, Paul William Smeilus, Lee Tony Nigel Soley, Gethin John Venn, Steven Anthony Weale.
The collaborative editorial work of David Rondel (Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Ryerson University) and Alex Sager (Assistant Professor of Philosophy and University Studies, Portland State University), "Pessimism of the Intellect, Optimism of the Will: The Political Philosophy of Kai Nielsen" is a 350 page compendium composed of thirteen Kai Nielsen essays organized into three major sections: Metaphilosophy: Critical Theory and Wide-Reflective Equilibrium; Egalitarianism and Socialism; Cosmopolitanism, Nationalism, and Global Justice.