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1. A small circular panel or window; an oculus.
2. In glazing, a bull’s-eye or circular light like the bottom of a bottle.
3. A small bead molding or astragal.
4. In stage lighting, a glass or gelatin color filter used in a borderlight.
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Patronised by the great and good, famous for its Steak Diane, the Rondel was a lunchtime hotbed of politicians preening and football chairmen making deals behind the scenes.
He uses the same altered rondel form that Villon employed, and his translation is also very close to Villon's original lament (see Appendix).
The boozed-up father of two blasted Susan Rondel, 48, at point-blank range with a shotgun ending a feud that lasted years.
A jury at Birmingham Crown Court took five-and-a-half hours to acquit Michael Stockton, 44, of murdering Susan Rondel, but found him guilty of manslaughter by reason of provocation.
Hartleben's translation, then, transforms Giraud's texts in several significant ways, preserving the rondel form and order of individual poems, but changing the sonic, syntactic, and semantic properties of the poems individually and as a set.
El directivo no habla de nombres especificos, pero en el correo de los rumores figura el jardinero Rondel White de los Tigres Detroit.
In those cases, any visible rank, name tag and the Air Force rondel (and other insignia) on the aircraft are removed using photo software.
when the unidentified 49-year-old Valencia woman was accosted on a pedestrian trail near Avenida Rondel and Avenida Rotella, according to the sheriff's report.
For even-length words of the type M-N:A-Z, the right central letter is nearest the start of the alphabet, and the first letter is nearest the end, eg RONDEL.
The others are the home winery, Codorniu, Rondel, Bach, Bodegas Bilbamas, Raimat in Spain and Artesa in California.
The former Beatle was at the wheel on Long Island when he ran into a car driven by Rondel Brown.
The bibliography constitutes a cataloguing of the Auguste Rondel (1858-1934) collection which since 1976 has formed the foundation for the Departement des Arts du Spectacle located in the Bibliotheque de l'Arsenal, part of the Bibliotheque Nacional de France.