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1. A small circular panel or window; an oculus.
2. In glazing, a bull’s-eye or circular light like the bottom of a bottle.
3. A small bead molding or astragal.
4. In stage lighting, a glass or gelatin color filter used in a borderlight.
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Phytoliths with both saddle and bilobate tendencies, called saddle/bilobates, are common in this family, whereas the conventional kinds of saddle and rondel forms are relatively rare.
However, Villon's poem is none of these things: his song laments the passing of a beloved not to God, as in the psalm, but to Death, and the song in question is not a lay (a through-composed work in which each stanza has a different form), but a version of a rondel. It also contains twelve lines instead of the ten he mentions (although, because of the repetition, the song contains only ten different lines of text).
(51.) Reynaldo Hahn, Rondels (Paris: Heugel, 1899).
Content and form provide additional clues for revising earlier arrangements of ballades, complain tes, and rondels (101).
112) appear in only a small number of the settings, Weytjens finds "affinities" between musical phrases at "pivotal moments" in the rondel form (p.
Brown makes the latter point obvious by the figures of the Catholic and Protestant faiths in the rondels, images that were originally anti-Catholic and that he revised to mitigate controversy.
The first part of "Seven Days" is written in rondels, in hexameters and alexandrines, with two different rhyme schemes consistently preserved throughout.
Idylles prussiennes; Trente-six Ballades joyeuses; Rondels. Textes etablis, Notices, Variantes et Notes par Philippe Andres; Roses de Noel.
Peel the potato and chop into chunks the same size as the pumpkin flesh, clean the leeks and chop the white bits into rondels. Fry the garlic in the oil in a large saucepan for a couple of minutes.
Edward struck a romantic note by giving his bride a wedding gift of a black and white pearl necklace, interspersed with white gold rondels, and a matching pair of black and white pearl drop earrings, which he designed himself.
The outfit was perfect to show off a black and white pearl necklace with white gold rondels, and a matching pair of black and white pearl drop earrings, designed by Prince Edward as a wedding gift.