roof cladding

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Any material (or any combination of materials) used as a roof covering, such as corrugated metal, sheet metal, shingles, slate, thatch, or tile; usually provides waterproofing, wind-proofing, and thermal insulation.
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The construction completion rate of the station has exceeded 50 per cent, and the contractor has completed the installation of the metal structure and is working on the roof cladding. Preparations are under way for the installation of the footbridge linking the station with the parking area.
We do not want this warm air to get into our ventilation space under our roof cladding as it will heat up the roof cladding rather than flush heat away from the roof cladding.
The attack followed a bitter wrangle over an inch of roof cladding between their homes at Portchester.
External roof cladding is pvc coated polyester fabric; the internal skin is made of the purest white cotton.
Despite the fact that the twisting geometry repeats four times across the roof, 60 different shapes are needed for the roof cladding and its timber-lined soffit, but now, the architect can set the template for the manufacturers to use directly.