roof ladder

cat ladder, duckboard, gang boarding, roof ladder

cathedral: plan of Wells Cathedral. A, apse; B, altar; D, E, eastern transept; F, G, western transept; H, central tower; I, J, western towers; K, north porch; L, library; M, western doorway; N, N, western side doors; O cloister yard; P, Q, north and south aisles of choir; S, S, east and west aisles of transept; T, U, north and south aisles of nave; R, R, chapels; V, rood screen; W, altar of lady chapel
A plank with a series of small strips nailed across it; hung on a sloping roof under repair to provide a footing for workmen and to protect the surface.
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"We can replicate domestic premises, office blocks or shops and we can also do roof ladder training.
The noise of the plane made us scramble down the roof ladder and down the three floors to the air-raid shelter dug into the ground of the house.
Back on the roof, joint stubbed out, Cohen-Corbett announced, "Yo, let's hit the dim sum spot." We trekked down the roof ladder and out to Joe's Shanghai, where a sprawl of tourists was waiting to sample the goods.
"We used a ladder to get up to the roof and then a roof ladder to lead him to safety."
A few hours later, at 3.06pm, firefighters needed to use a 13-metre ladder, as well as a roof ladder, to put out a chimney fire at property on Hilton Road, Billingham.
The fire involved the roof space of the property and firefighters used a roof ladder in order to tackle the fire.
If you have to scale a rickety roof ladder to see your bees, you might be tempted to neglect your duties.
Additionally, handrails and a vertical roof ladder make this a safe way to work at height.
Always make sure you are using an appropriate roof ladder that is securely fastened at the top and bottom and have someone with you for safety.
Crew manager Dave Barnes said: "The crow was flapping around and trying to fly off, and we used a roof ladder to reach the bird.
The Stack Strap is a safe way to secure aerials to chimneystacks without having to leave the safety of the roof ladder to fit it.
David Burton added: ``One of the lads went up on the roof ladder.