room monitor

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monitor, monitor roof

A raised section of a roof, usually straddling a ridge; has openings, louvers, or windows along the sides to admit light or air.
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Mr Chadwick, who has a two-year-old daughter, added: "The exact way the chat room monitor works is confidential to prevent alerting paedophiles.
The room monitor enables a user to listen in on other rooms in the house on any device, and the Intercom function provides for multi-way communication between different parts of the house.
The high-quality, hands-free function offers superior voice quality and can be used as a room monitor.
Over the past year, we have used the Unotron washable keyboards in our Computer Lab," reports Dianna Duke, Computer Room Monitor, Clara Reynolds 370-student Elementary School, Harrah, OK, where Principal Cheryl Hessman had authorized the testing of the SpillSeal[R] keyboards in the school's Fast Forward computer laboratory.
Whether people enjoy Movielink movies while traveling, on their desktop or connected to a living room monitor, our growing catalog of films, enhanced ease of use, reliability, and quality are helping to launch this new distribution system toward mass-market appeal.