room monitor

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monitor, monitor roof

A raised section of a roof, usually straddling a ridge; has openings, louvers, or windows along the sides to admit light or air.
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Most of these props were deactivated during the actual exhibition period, but the incredible level of detail, the sheer technical genius of the assemblage, the surprises and moments of humor that seem to crop up at every turn--the earth image displayed on the control room monitors that is really a beach ball hanging from the ceiling of the LEM, the L.
Among their activities are an essay test for students of Norman Area Music Teachers Association (NAMTA) members, a matchmaker project, pairing unused pianos with piano students in need of an instrument, serving as room monitors for the NAMTA Fall Piano Festival and providing assistance at the 2006 GP3 Conference at the University of Oklahoma.
The CCTV Control Room monitors a network of 150 CCTV cameras covering 28 towns and villages across Caerphilly county borough, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
An operator in the control room monitors the water's progress through the plant and is able to see at a glance the results of samples.
The buses already have GPS tracking technology as a central control room monitors their movement.
The purpose-built control room monitors 128 closed circuit cameras from sites through the borough and the North-east.