root crop

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root crop,

vegetable cultivated chiefly for its edible roots, e.g., the beet, turnip, mangel-wurzel, carrot, and parsnip. All root crops have a large water content and grow best in deeply cultivated soil in cool, overcast weather when the plant's loss of water through transpiration is lowest. Because they require thorough cultivating they are often desirable in a rotation of crops—beets and turnips being most frequently so used. Root crops, especially beets, turnips, and carrots, are also grown as food for livestock.
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The area reserved for root crops receives only general fertilizer while the potato patch is manured but not limed because that causes scab.
This time is best for planting root crops and transplanting bulbs or rhizomes.
The subject of the 'class' dinner was 'Rooted Cooking,' focusing on root crops that, according to the handout, 'have been the salvation of East and Southeast Asians because they are easier to grow than rice.
Some salad crops can be grown on the brassicas plot before brassicas are planted while peas and beans may be grown in the root crop plot so long as a trench is taken out first and manured, which explains my neighbour's continuing success.
The root crops are harvested every three months until March.
Mangudadatu told reporters that he received reports that some indigenous peoples in South Upi, Maguindanao belonging to the Teduray tribe have resorted to eating kayos, (wild yam) as other root crops have become unavailable.
Root crops could work, too, for those who push the envelope on the fruit basket tradition.
Not least because the county's top root crop is sugar beet.
In fact, the cereal and bean harvest that ended last July was 60 percent below normal, and the root crop harvest dropped by 30 percent, Scowcroft says.
The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) conducted recently a two-day Root Crop Based Products training in support to the 10th Kaadlawan nan Probinsya (Province Day), held at the DOST Office here.
I have seen diagrams of old American barns which included rooms for root crop storage--usually below ground level to keep them from freezing.
1 thousand tons of root crops have been delivered to the sugar refineries of the republic, including 1325.