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see croquetcroquet
, lawn game in which the players hit wooden balls with wooden mallets through a series of 9 or 10 wire arches, or wickets. The first player to hit the posts placed at each end of the field wins. The game developed in France in the 17th cent.
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One of these, said Roque, was to file a petition for a writ of amparo and 'ask for protection from our courts.
He also lashed out at Roque for contradicting his own advocacy as human rights lawyer and party-list representative.
Roque however quickly fended off speculations that he was using his office to increase his chances of winning a Senate seat in next year's polls.
already has existing joint exploration agreements even with Vietnam and in fact we could look to the Vietnamese, Chinese treaty on joint exploration and development as a model for possible relationship between the Philippines and China,' Roque said.
com/2018/01/22/matt-lauer-wife-annette-roque-arrive-horse-farm-rumor-kicked-out-house/) TMZ  shared photos of Roque and Lauer heading into a horse farm in Sag Harbor, Long Island on Monday.
At least 20 other dissidents across the island have joined Roque, who is diabetic, according to activist Idania Yanes.
European football's governing body insist they did not receive any request from the Spanish football federation for a tribute to be held for Roque ahead of the Spain v Portugal match in Donetsk.
A bad scope put Quito De La Roque out of the running and a poor workout ended Jessies Dream's chances of a first run since finishing second in last year's RSA Chase.
The scanty information about the skulls was not a limitation but a challenge for the Portuguese historian Ricardo Roque, who performs detective work of the skulls' trajectory to explore Portuguese colonialism, violence, collecting practices and anthropology.
Philippine labour officials are talking with their Australian counterparts for the opening of 30,000 jobs in mining, health care and information technology, said Labour Secretary Marianito Roque.
THE San Roque Club rests on the foothills of the Sierra Bermeja in the southern tip of Andalusia between Jerez and Marbella.
It didn't surprise anyone in the Roque family that Henry finally built it.