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rosette, 1
1. A round pattern with a carved or painted conventionalized floral motif; a rosace.
2. A circular or oval decorative wood plaque used in joinery, such as one applied to a wall to receive the end of a stair rail.
3. An ornamental nailhead or screwhead.
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Cette rememoration qui donne au roman sa structure en rosace pourrait se laisser interpreter en rapport avec certaines therapeutiques primitives selon lesquelles l'anamnese serait un moyen de rejoindre le commencement du monde, de se guerir de l'oeuvre du temps et de faire retour vers l'origine en abolissant, en "brulant" symboliquement ces souvenirs apres les voir revecus par la memoire (Eliade, Aspects 113-15).
The Sejjadeh Rosace collection of trivets, coasters, chargers and other items are reminiscent of the terrazzo tiles of Mediterranean residences of the 1930s and 1940s.
Survey Participants' First Impressions of Women With Clear Skin and Those With Rosacea (9) Participants With Participants Without Rosace (n=502) Rosacea (n=1,009) Characteristic Clear Rosacea Clear Rosacea Skin Skin Stressed 23% 45% 23% 40% Tired 35% 45% 32% 43% Shy 26% 471 2,617 44% Intelligent 44% 39% 43% 36% Confident 52% 24% 49% 27% Happy 61% 39% 54% 36% Fun 37% 28% 347 24% Successful 33% 19% 32% 18% Healthy 52% 18% 45% 17% Table 2.