rotary cutting

rotary cutting, rotary slicing

A method of cutting wood veneer in which a log is fixed in a lathe and rotated against a knife so that the veneer is peeled from the log in a continuous sheet; used to produce softwood veneer and low-grade hardwood veneer.
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PNV is an excellent manufacturer in die cutting industry, specialized in manufacturing the critical spare parts of rotary die cutting machines, including rotary cutting dies, embossing / crimping rollers, die-cutting frame assemblies, mill of untreated fluff pulp and special rotary die cutting machines.
To find the grainline of your fabric for rotary cutting, hold the fabric with selvages parallel in front of you.
You might also try lightly starching the back side to help control slippage during rotary cutting.
RotoMetrics provides made-to-order precision rotary cutting tooling solutions for web converting and printing applications.
The Genesis has a powered rotary cutting wheel and as the wheel spins at high speed, it reduces resistance and gives a cleaner cut.
Specialized in super high-speed rotary cutting technology, NSK delivers a variety of high quality and extremely cost efficient products to the dentistry.
From Getting Started (equipment and supplies, choosing fabrics, pressing, 1/4" seams); to Quilt Making Basics (rotary cutting, cutting and piecing half-square and quarter-square triangle blocks, fussy cutting, chain piecing, strip piecing, and sewing basic blocks); to Applique Basics (machine applique, hand applique; bias strips); to Assembling the Quilt Top (quilt center, borders); to Finishing the Quilt (layering the backing, batting and quilt top, quilting the quilt, binding the quilt, adding a hanging sleeve, labeling), the instructions are clear, concise, and thoroughly 'user friendly'.
Mike Dinsdale, managing director of rotary cutting tools firm Guhring Ltd, said: "We, the nation and the good people of Birmingham, do not want to hear such inaccurate comments from the BBC claiming that manufacturing in the UK is 'moving in the wrong direction,' a totally misguided statement."
Rotary cutting is "the least expensive and the most popular" way to cut veneer.
It would mean a jobs boost at the firm, which makes and distributes precision rotary cutting tools and associated tooling for the engineering and medical industries.