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Invitation to tender: services financial leasing for rent snow plow - 1 pc., rotary spreader silosnog - 1 pc.
The application of the fertilizer by spray, drop or rotary spreader cannot be within a three-foot buffer of any body of water.
Application is faster with a rotary spreader because it broadcasts granular materials over a wider area than the drop type.
A rotary spreader does not provide as accurate and uniform an application as a drop spreader, but the distribution can be quite satisfactory if the proper overlap is used.
If you reseed your lawn, make two passes with a rotary spreader. Each pass should contain half the recommended lawn seed for your square footage of lawn.
Break down excess thatch by using a rotary spreader loaded with thatch decomposter mix on the lawn (Photo 5).
These are the rotary spreader and the drop spreader.
Broadcast, fan, wheel-type or rotary spreaders are designed for larger areas.
Rotary spreaders include a controlled opening that drops material onto a spinner, which distributes laterally in all directions.